London Prepares for the 2012 Olympics

London Prepares for the 2012 Olympics

If you are a resident or a business proprietor in the U.K. you will have to have been away for a very long time with no media devices whatsoever to not know that we are in the middle of the London Prepares series for the 2012 Olympics in London.

The last time the games were hosted by London was 1948, the time before that was 1908. So the city as well as the surrounding areas will have changed immensely. There are 205 nations expected to take part in the games and 147 nations expected to take part in the Paralympics.

In 1948 the tallest building in London was St. Pauls Cathedral which is 111 metres (365 ft).  The event in 1948 was televised but the coverage was limited and it was also restricted to the London area. So for many they will be seeing London hosting a sporting event of this magnitude for the first time.

Everything will be scrutinised down to the smallest detail. From the road works to the road signs and access routes to the buildings and the cleanliness of the exterior windows and grounds will be under the watchful eye of the entire world! Will London show a united effort and let the world see just how fantastic a city it really is? This is why London Prepares series should matter to all of us. No matter what we do for work or at home. There are plenty of things we can do to enhance the impression our capital leaves on the rest of the world.

We can use the bikes that are for hire in London rather than drive everywhere. We can make sure we are reducing the waste that we produce by recycling as much as possible. Companies can use environmentally friendly sprays and ensure that their buildings are pristine. As we go into 2012 there will be more and more media coverage of London as we draw closer to the Olympic Games. The facilities managers of London should be making sure that they have the all bases covered and that their buildings are looking as pristine as they possibly can. If the commercial window cleaning company has a good solid reputation then they will be contracted to the maximum as will many other commercial companies leading up to the Olympics and beyond.

London Prepares is for all residents and companies of the country. One thing for sure is that if you will need the services of a company for instance a commercial window cleaning company then you will need to get your tenders out and the contract sorted very soon.

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