Windows Are Important

Windows Are Important

There are many different types of buildings with many different types of windows, windows are important to the way the building looks. The windows are what give the building natural light and warmth, and also the windows will add to a buildings character.

The first time that glass was recorded to have been made was in 3500 BCE. However it was not actually called glass until towards the end of the Roman Empire. Traditionally, many of our older churches have stained glass windows. The stained glass window has been around for some thousand years now.

Going back to 1966, at 117 metres, Centre Point on New Oxford Street was one of London’s first skyscrapers. With a building of this size, there were many windows. Once again the windows are important to the overall appearance of the building. Over the years the exterior of London’s skyscrapers have changed in material type. Back in 1966 there were less window area, today in 2011, the exterior of London’s skyscrapers is mainly made up of glass. This helps to give a modern finish to the building. Having a large proportion of the building consisting of glass, again also helps with natural lighting and heating.

Trying to clean all the windows on a skyscraper proves unbelievably difficult if you are not part of a professional window cleaning team. Window cleaning is not an easy task and is highly dangerous. The cleaning is completed by highly trained individuals and teams who have received extensive training with regards to the method of access they use.

Hiring efficient, experienced and well trained professional window cleaners is essential to maintain a high level of cleanliness to your building. The windows are important; they are one of the first things that a potential customer will see.

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