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Whilst we love to feed birds in the park, we don’t necessarily want them roosting on our premises. The droppings are corrosive to metal and paintwork and no one is happy to be the recipient of a bird deposit!

All Clean Services have years of experience with bird spikes installation solutions since 2011, and we can install them on any outer building facade where birds may land, although most clients install bird-proofing solutions to areas where droppings will cause an issue on the floor or to people below. We can also offer more products that can deter birds from landing on your entire roof.

The wires are made of stainless steel, and the plastic bases are UV-stable to ensure longevity once installed. The spikes are available in differing lengths, which offer protection against most breeds of birds. We supply pigeon spikes installation, which is recommended by the RSPB and the PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

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Our Bird Control Service

Site Survey

Firstly, we will carry out an onsite survey before providing a quotation; we will then arrange an installation date convenient to you, causing as little disruption to your business as possible, even on a Sunday.


We will clean the area, apply silicone and then install the bird proofing spikes to the surface. If the surface is deep we will install additional rows of spikes until all areas for the birds to land are completely removed.

If, whilst carrying out the onsite survey we notice any crevices near the area to be spiked – where we think the birds may access, ie gaps in corrugated roofing or eaves. We would recommend these areas are filled, as birds are likely to try and still roost/land here and accessing these areas will be more difficult once the defender spikes have been installed. We use cherry pickers to access the most awkward to reach heights , so no surface will remain unprotected.

If at any stage you notice that any bird proofing spikes are damaged, either by another tradesperson, window cleaners or birds, we can return to fix the damage.

As with all our services, bird defender solutions are covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

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bird defender services all clean services, bird proofing, 2 pigeons on a ledge

Bird Control in South-East England

Failing to address a bird problem can result in:

Health Hazards: Bird droppings can carry harmful diseases such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Ornithosis. These health risks increase the longer droppings are left untreated.

Insect Infestations: Bird nests attract various insects, including ticks, lice, fleas, and bird mites, which can bring additional health hazards and problems.

Damage to Buildings: The highly acidic nature of bird droppings can severely damage stonework and paintwork. Over time, this can lead to significant structural issues if not properly managed.

Accident Risks: Wet bird droppings on pavements, fire escapes, and other surfaces can create slipping hazards, posing a serious risk and potentially leading to legal and safety compliance issues.

Bacterial Contamination: Bird droppings can contaminate water sources, which can then spread bacteria through systems like air conditioning units, further endangering health.

Gutter Blockages: Bird droppings and nesting debris can clog rainwater gutters, causing them to overflow and potentially damaging roofs and building structures.

Noise Disturbance: Birds nesting in confined spaces like lofts can create significant noise disturbances, disrupting the peace and functionality of your property.

Reputation Damage: Visible bird infestations, droppings, and noise can harm your company’s reputation, making it unpleasant for both employees and visitors.

Food Safety Compliance: Under the Food Safety Act 1990, businesses can face fines if they fail to meet Health & Safety legislation regarding bird infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bird spikes are physical deterrents designed to prevent birds from landing on surfaces such as ledges, rooflines, and signs. They are used to deter birds from roosting or nesting in unwanted areas, helping to minimize property damage, health risks, and aesthetic issues caused by bird droppings.

Bird spikes are composed of thin, pointed rods that create an uneven surface, making it uncomfortable or impossible for birds to land. They discourage birds from settling on the treated area without causing them harm.

Bird spikes can be installed on various surfaces, including ledges, window sills, rooftop edges, chimneys, eaves, and outdoor signage. They are commonly used on both residential and commercial buildings.

Bird spikes are generally effective at deterring birds from landing and roosting on treated areas. However, their effectiveness can vary depending on factors such as bird species, environmental conditions, and the installation quality.

Bird spikes are low-maintenance but may require occasional cleaning to remove debris or bird droppings that could affect their effectiveness. Regular inspection can help identify any spikes that need repositioning or replacement.

High-quality stainless steel bird spikes are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and heat. However, extreme weather conditions might impact their longevity, so regular maintenance and inspections are recommended.

Common signs include visible bird nests, frequent bird droppings, noise disturbances from birds, and blocked gutters or downspouts.

Bird proofing specifically targets nuisance birds and is designed to have minimal impact on other wildlife. The methods used are species-specific and environmentally friendly.

Areas We Cover

Our bird proofing services cover all areas for in London, including the W1, W2, WC1, WC2, E1, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1, SW1 and NW1 postcodes.

We also have mobile bird defender teams covering the rest of London and south-east England. Check out the full list of areas we cover!

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