More than One Shade of Green Cleaning

With so much emphasis on environmental issues recently, it’s not surprising that you can quite often find more than one shade ofgreen cleaning. By this we mean that some things are not always what they appear to be.

Green cleaning is a term used for cleaning methods and products that contain environmentally friendly ingredients. These ingredients are supposed to help preserve the health of people and also preserve the quality of the environment.  The idea of green cleaning techniques and the products is to avoid agents which involve a chemical reaction and or are toxic (contain toxic chemicals). These chemicals are known to in extreme cases cause respiratory problems. Harsh chemicals in cleaners can also harm the skin of not only the person cleaning but of those who come into contact with a recently cleaned surface. If a product is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process and the product itself is biodegradable (capable of decaying through the action of living organisms) then the product may be labelled as green or eco-friendly!

More than one shade of green is a term used when a product claims to be eco-friendly or green and is not. Which? Have had some experience with products like this and on occasion have put together panels of experts to find true results that can be reported back to consumers. As consumers we have the right to all the facts before we make our own informed decisions.

Professional window cleaning is really no different. Windows are not something we think about all the time but they do play a major role in all our lives. If your commercial window cleaners are not using green products, do you know what long term effects this could be having on your respiratory system? Do the chemicals contribute towards asthma? How the chemicals when disposed of affect the environment?

Choosing a professional window cleaning company who do not use more than one shade of green should be a simple choice. If you would like documented evidence of the products they use and a guarantee that the products are green products, there should be no hesitation or deviation from the company. At All Clean Services we use our own specifically designed eco-friendly chemicals and re-usable microfibre cloths.

For more information on All Clean Services Corporate Social Responsibility or any other of the services we provide please contact us   Telephone: 0800 3898 690 E-mail:  Twitter: @window_cleaner1 

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