Going Green

Increasingly over the last decade or so, there have been real efforts in our daily lives in going green. We have seen bikes that can be hired at numerous places around London.

They are cost effective and also go quite a way to the overall fitness of a person who uses them regularly. One of the first changes you might remember is the stop in use of CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) in aerosols.  However there are still some refrigerators that may have them in. The owners of commercial and private vehicles now have to pay a daily charge for entering the London’s Low Emission Zone. In January 2012 larger vans and minibuses will have to meet the Euro 3 emissions standard and coaches, buses and lorries will need to meet the Euro IV emissions standard.

Knowing that in most aspects of our daily life, changes have, are and will continue to happen when it comes to going green it’s only natural that some professions are following suit. Many cleaning companies in the past have used harsh detergents that can be harmful to the environment. On the same note a lot of cleaning companies would use throw away tools of the trade. By throwing cleaning aides away almost daily, the amount of debris being buried along with household rubbish was immense.

Within each industry, there is normally one company that become the pioneers that other companies will then strive to imitate. The changes that were made within the professional window cleaning industry were subtle. They were also extremely effective in two ways: the first being that they saved money and these savings would filter down to the client. The second is that there was impact to the environment. Re-usable microfibre cloths were introduced. Furthermore there was a whole new range of environmentally friendly chemicals which were manufactured solely for professional window cleaning.

All Clean Services are proudly responsible for these changes. They are passionate about working as eco-friendly as possible and actively encourage others to do the same. Going green is beneficial to everyone.

For more information about All Clean Services and professional window cleaning, please go to https://allcleanservices.co.uk

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