Autumn is the new spring

We traditionally turn our thoughts to cleaning and getting our house in order when the first signs of spring appear. But the autumn is a far better time of year to focus on getting your office building looking good.

Warm summer days with a lack of rain might put a smile on our faces, but they also leave windows dusty.

Wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun means that we don’t see the dirty fingermarks on plate glass windows and revolving doors. At lunchtime and after work when the weather is still balmy and a rooftop bar or BBQ beckons, we don’t notice tea stains on carpets and scuffs on stone floors.

Now that the summer months are drawing to a close, dirty windows, scuffed floors and carpet stains that refuse to disappear become more noticeable.

Now is the time for a bit of a spruce up. Ask yourself

  • if your offices spread over more than 2 floors do you need pole fed, abseiling, cherry picker or cradle window cleaners?
  • If the stone floor in reception were to be cleaned, renovated and polished, could this be done out of office hours to avoid disruption in the building?
  • Would the stone cladding on the outside of the building benefit from sprucing up?
  • Could the carpets in your office building be cleaned to remove the stains instead of being replaced?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your next port of call should be to us at All Clean Services.

We offer all methods of commercial window and external cladding cleaning to meet your specific requirements. Our carpet cleaning technicians are professionally trained on the commercial cleaning equipment and will leave your carpets looking like new and virtually dry by the time the job is finished.

Natural stone is a favourite choice of designers of architects because it makes a powerful impression in any commercial space – if it is clean and unmarked by the footwear of your staff and customers.

Our expert stone floor cleaning team can clean, renovate and maintain your floors so they last for years to come. All of these services are offered at a time convenient to you and your company.

All our staff are fully qualified, we are Safe Contractor approved and all our services are backed up by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, which offers your money back if you are not happy with our service.

If you think we could help with any sort of cleaning services, click here to get in touch.

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