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All Clean Services can ensure your building sparkles inside and out.

How do we do this and what is the benefit to you? We clean windows, carpets and hard flooring.

How can this benefit your business? We are all too aware that you never get a second chance to make a first impressions. When your clients, potential clients or business partners arrive at your business premises, you want them to feel welcome and know they are dealing with a professional company.

A clean, well maintained, fresh, welcoming entrance and reception area all contribute to this impression. Whereas dirty windows, stained carpet and scuffed floors give the opposite impression.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows with water-fed poles containing purified water leaves them smear and spot free. Purifying the water means there are no mineral deposits left behind when the window dries, so your glazing is completely clean. The poles can reach a height of 23m from the ground, using the latest lightweight carbon fibre telescopic poles so there is no need to use ladders. Cleaning windows with water-fed poles can save your company up to 42% in comparison to other window cleaning methods.

How can this method benefit your company?

  • Quicker window cleaning from ground level
  • Use less water
  • We use a scheduling system, integrated with PDAs, to keep our window cleaning teams constantly informed in “real time” as schedules are streamlined and internal personnel are co-ordinated

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Many people assume our Dry Carpet Cleaning service is just a fancy description of vacuuming. It isn’t.

We have invested in Host Dry Extraction Cleaners, which use a very small quantity of water that is extracted from the carpets leaving them clean and dry. The strength of the suction during the extraction process removes embedded dirt, so the stains don’t reappear again afterwards.

How does this cleaning method benefit your company?

  • Less down time of area being cleaned
  • No need to use heating or air conditioning to dry the carpets out
  • No shrinkage or colour loss from area cleaned
  • Stains do not reappear because the detergent residue is removed so there’s nothing for new dirt to stick too

Stone Floor Cleaning

When a stone floor is first laid, it will be finished with a polished, honed or matt finish that leaves all the natural patterns, veins and imperfections in the stone looking fantastic.

But over time high traffic, stiletto heel tips, dirt, coffee and juice spills will all cause staining, scuffs, and scratches and any protective film will be worn away.

Our experienced team will use a poultice to remove any stains. They will then use automatic scrubbers to clean the floor and burnishers to refinish, seal and polish the floor, leaving you with a brand new looking floor that will last for many years to come.

How does our stone floor cleaning benefit your company?

  • We will agree a schedule with you over a weekend or in the evening, so this does not affect access to the building
  • We will provide the number of experience staff to complete the job in the time allocated
  • Resealing a stone floor, will ensure it is protected from spills and staining
  • Renovating and resealing a stone floor will ensure it will last for years and years. Natural stone flooring is amongst the most hard wearing of surfaces and looks beautiful when maintained, so regular cleaning and polishing will provide you with a floor to be proud of. We will recommend products to use in day to day cleaning to maintain the perfect finish we have achieved.

As an extra piece of mind for all our clients, if you are not happy with any service we have provided, we offer a 100% money back guarantee service.

If you think we could help with any sort of window cleaning, you have a mark on a carpet that your cleaning team just can’t remove or your once glossy stone floor is looking a bit tired, click here to get in touch.

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