What type of Window Cleaning do you need?

Window cleaning is a bucket, hot soapy water, squeegee and a chamois, isn’t it?? Yes, if you live in a house. If you are a Facilities Manager who is responsible for commercial premises, however, the chances are a man with a bucket and ladder won’t reach a tenth of your windows.

How do you clean the windows on the 20th, 30th or 40th floor when those windows are sealed units that don’t open? How do you clean the atrium windows that are over the fourth floor?

There are lots of options, which can resolve each of these situations and all result in sparkly clean panes of glass.

Water-fed pole window cleaning

The use of water-fed poles is one of the quickest ways to clean windows. Water-fed poles allow quick and easy access to external windows up to a height of 25m (80ft), giving you huge cost savings as well as health and safety benefits (no working from height).

Windows are cleaned by extending a telescopic carbon-fibre pole to the correct height, purified water is pumped though the pole onto the glass via a soft bristled brush fitted at the end of the pole, loosening the dirt on the glass and then finally the dirt is rinsed away with purified water. Using purified water means that when the windows dry, they are spot and streak free.

Rope Access window cleaning

Rope access or abseiling window cleaning enables the window cleaners to access areas that would normally be extremely difficult to reach.

Window cleaning companies have traditionally subcontracted abseiling cleaning out to specialist companies, but these staff aren’t generally experienced window cleaners so you the client do not receive the same quality of cleaning service. Employing fully-trained abseilers means we can ensure that your windows are cleaned to our exacting standard.

At All Clean Services, we only employ fully qualified rope access technicians (abseilers) and can guarantee our rope access solutions are safe and cost effective. We work to the British Standard for Rope Access and all technicians are trained to IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) standards.

MEWPS/Cherry Pickers

There are a huge range of cherry pickers, scissor lifts and lorry-mounted platforms available, which will allow access even the most difficult of areas.

With the range of equipment available, the teams at All Clean Services are able to reach heights in excess of 100m (300ft), this ensures that we can always access your windows even when other methods do not allow access. We will always arrange a convenient date and time with you for this type of cleaning to minimise disruption to your business.  All our operators are IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) trained.

Window Cleaning Cradles

Many large buildings in London and surrounding areas already have BMU cradle systems installed to allow access to the outside of the building at high levels, avoiding disruption to your business and staff.

The cradles are mainly used by window cleaning companies and it is very important that the technicians have the correct training and qualifications to use the cradles professionally and safely. Additionally, the window cleaning company must have specialist insurance with no height restrictions.

At All Clean Services we have specialist cradle insurance with no height restrictions and our cradle window cleaning teams are specially trained to use the equipment and to work at extreme heights. Our technicians can deal directly with the cradle supplier, as it is likely that the cradle had been designed specifically for your building, you do not need to be in the middle of the conversation! Our teams are trained in self-rescue techniques and are all HSE Compliant.

If you would like talk to us about access to and cleaning of your building, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to visit you at your premises and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with our service.

What type of Window Cleaning do you need?
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