Professional Window Cleaning In Cold Weather

Professional Window Cleaning In Cold Weather

Window cleaning has to take place all year round and professional window cleaning in cold weather can sometimes be quite challenging. Apart from battling against the wind, possibly the rain and the inevitable snow, professional window cleaners have to contend with the solutions for the windows during cold weather.

A professional window cleaner will have a routine that they will perform every morning before cleaning commences. They will check that they have all necessary cleaning fluids and materials. Then they will carry out any safety checks on equipment they may use throughout the day. After this they will take a digital photograph of the windows to be cleaned (if that is company policy). Finally in the cold weather window cleaners will then check their personal requirements to get the job completed. Waterproof gloves are a must as their hands are exposed to water, the cold and cleaning agent. They will also make sure they are wearing some sort of waterproof so that they can stay relatively comfortable and dry. Along with this they will also be wearing some insulated clothing (it can get very cold at the top of London’s buildings during the winter months).

Professional window cleaning in cold weather is really challenging. You will push your body through sometimes quite extreme weather conditions. From wind and rain to snow and hail, once you are up in the cradle or started your abseil descent you are exposed to it all. Too long without the correct insulated clothing and the window cleaners would have a horrible experience.

Luckily at All Clean Services we take extra care of our staff during the winter. We will ensure that 100% of our window technicians have the right clothing and protection to complete the job with the minimum of discomfort to them.

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