Information on Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning is essential for businesses in London as high traffic levels make windows dirty quickly.

Dirty windows create the wrong impression for your visitors. It’s imperative to maintain presentation standards of your offices. The exterior of your building is also seen by passers-by and therefore becomes a part of your brand image. How often do you stand back and take a good look at your building exterior to determine the impression it provides?

Take a real close look at windows and ledges. Is your existing commercial window cleaning company leaving your windows streak free? Are window ledges wiped? Are they working in a safe manner when they are cleaning your windows, so that they reduce risk to themselves, your business and passers-by? Are they fully insured for every risk?

What about internal windows? Are these cleaned with minimum impact to office users? Are you getting the quality of clean that you need? Are your existing commercial window cleaning company using green clean techniques to reduce impact on the environment?

Clean office windows can help to reduce Sick Building Syndrome by maximising natural light into your offices. Good office environments are key to maintaining morale of your teams and to reduce sickness levels. Natural light can do a lot to alleviate stress and depression, and if your windows are not cleaned regularly, this can have an impact on your team’s morale and performance.

Cleaning windows for some of London’s most well-known buildings such as City Hall, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, and the landmark building at Bishop’s Square proves that we look after our clients, delivering exceptional service using green clean techniques. If you want to know more about our commercial window cleaning services or would like a quote, please contact us: Tel: 0800 3898 690 Email: Twitter: @window_cleaner1 Facebook: Commercial Window Cleaning – All Clean Service Ltd

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