Quality Window Cleaning Services

All businesses in London need quality window cleaning, but how do you determine which window cleaning contractor will provide the quality that they promise? The quality needs to be there each and every time that they clean your windows, not just on days that they know there is a site inspection. How do you currently check on the quality of the window cleaning that your contractor provides?

Here at All Clean Services Limited, we are making use of the latest technology to show our customers the exact quality of window clean that they are receiving, after each and every clean, as we strive to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Our window cleaners all carry mobile devices and when they arrive on site, they take a photo of your windows with their mobile device, they then carry out the cleaning, and take a photo afterwards. Our window cleaners get your on-site contact to sign a copy of the electronic worksheet which is on the mobile device, and attach it to the before and after photos, and this is them uploaded to our quality management system.

Using our bespoke software, a copy of the worksheet, along with photos of our quality window cleaning, is emailed to our client within 5 seconds of the job completing. Our clients can log-on at any time to our online portal to check any of the jobs that have been done over any period of time, and can also check any planned jobs to come. The overall experience is streamlined, our clients get visibility of work done at the touch of a button, and we can confidently guarantee the quality of window cleaning, as our cleaners know that their work is visible at all times through our quality management system.

Our quality management system also helps us to achieve our carbon neutral policy, by delivering all the reports that our clients need electronically, reducing the need for printing and manual delivering.

If you would like a business quote for quality window cleaning in London and the South East, please contact us: Tel: 0800 3898 690 Email: enquiries@allcleanservices.co.uk Twitter: @window_cleaner1 Facebook: Commercial window cleaning – All Clean Services Limited.

Cleaning Glass atriums can present access problems for many window cleaning companies meaning the the atriums are never cleaned and causing them to become an eyesore rather than a source of natural light.

All Clean Services employ a specialist atrium access cleaning division that are able to access any atrium and carry out tasks such as painting, cleaning, repairing leaks, etc at a very cost effective price.
Please call: 0800 3898 690 or email paul.woods@allcleanservices.co.uk for further information.
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