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All Clean Services are the leading specialist for jet washing solutions in London & the surrounding areas in the South East of England.

Jet washing suitable for a wide range of surfaces

At All Clean Services, we are the leading specialist for commercial jetwashing services throughout London and the surrounding areas. We have dedicated team of jet washers and steam cleaners that provide professional solutions for commercial and domestic clients in all areas of London and the South East of England.

Our teams are highly experienced and fully qualified in any equipment or machinery used. We can also use our pressure washing services on all building types. This means that you can rest assured knowing your building will never become damaged by our external cleaning solutions.

Our solutions are ideal for:

pressure washing facade for London building

Specialist Pressure Washing Equipment

All Clean Services use the latest, state of the art high powered machinery and equipment including Super hot TORIK machines. 

In the past year, we have invested over £15,000 specifically for new equipment for professional pressure washing.

We are constantly updating and evolving our machinery inventory to ensure for the highest quality commercial pressure washing for buildings in and around London.

Using our industrial steam and pressure washing cleaning equipment, suction and pressure hoses with operating temperatures of up to 150 Celsius, we can undertake a variety of heavy duty tasks, including pressure washing building facades, car parks, shopping arcades and large estates.

Benefits of Pressure cleaning services

  1. Improved curb appeal: Jet washing cleaning services can make your outdoor surfaces look like new, giving your home or business a fresh, clean appearance.
  2. Better health: Pressure cleaning can help reduce the growth of mold, mildew, and other contaminants that can make your outdoor surfaces unsafe for walking or playing.
  3. Prevention of structural damage: Jet washing can help prevent the buildup of dirt, moss, and other debris that can cause damage to your home or business’s exterior surfaces over time.
  4. More efficient cleaning: Jetwash cleaning can be used to clean surfaces much more quickly and effectively than traditional methods, saving you time and effort.
  5. Safer environment: Jet washing can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and pollutants that can be found in your outdoor environment.
  6. Reduced maintenance costs: Commercial Jet washing can help reduce the amount of time and money spent on regular maintenance and upkeep of your outdoor surfaces.

Our London Pressure Washing Services

  • External Cleaning using power washing, steam cleaning and jet washing equipment.
  • Cleaning and restoration of stone, masonry, brick, brickwork, concrete, block paving and other hard masonry surfaces.
  • High-pressure steam / hot / cold water for hard surface moss, mould, mildew and green algae control.
  • Protection Coatings for Masonry – Anti-graffiti paint and weatherproofing coatings.

Video of super hot TORIK in action, cleaning render

Areas We Cover For High Pressure Jet Washing

Our pressure washing in London cover all areas of the capital, including the W1, W2, WC1, WC2, E1, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1, SW1 and NW1 postcodes.

We also have mobile pressure washing teams covering the rest of London and south-east England. Check out the full list of areas we cover!

For a FREE no-obligation pressure washing quote, please call 0800 3898 690 today or email enquiries@allcleanservices.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

High pressure washing can be used on a variety of surfaces, including sidewalks, decks, fences, facade and more

While high-pressure washing it generally safe for most surfaces, however it may not be suitable for delicate materials like certain types of wood or paint. 

High pressure washing is effective in removing stubborn stains, mould and mildew from surfaces. The success of removal will depend on the type of stain and surface material. 

If not done correctly, high-pressure washing can damage certain surfaces. This is why it’s vital you hire professional to ensure correct use

The duration of high pressure washing services depend on the size of the area being cleaned and the level of dirt. 

We specialise in high pressure washing a wide range of surfaces, including high streets, tennis courts, forecourts, driveways, patios, and roofs.

Our services cover the removal of dirt, weeds, moss, chewing gum, graffiti, and even tough oil stains from various exterior paving, walling, and roofing materials. Additionally, we provide commercial gutter clearance services.

Areas We Cover

All Clean Services cover multiple areas for corporate window cleaning throughout London and the South East including (but not limited to) Mayfair, Chelsea, Canary WharfDocklands, LambethTower Hamlets, Camden, and Essex.

Be sure to check the full list of areas we cover for window cleaning!

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Reliable Window Cleaning

All Clean Services provide the most thoroughly reliable window cleaning service available featuring a scheduling system, integrated with Hand PDA’s to keep our window cleaning teams constantly informed in “real time” as schedules are streamlined and internal personnel are well co-ordinated.

Carbon-neutral Window Cleaning

All Clean Services are constantly looking to improve health and safety standard and one way to measure our standards is through recognised Accreditations such as CHAS, Safe Contractor and ContractorPlus, OHSAS 18001. The company has also won highly regarded safety awards with RoSPA.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All Clean Services aim to stand apart from their competitors thanks to our special “Yes We Can!” service spirit. We love what we do and as proof of that, we promise to deliver a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every window clean that we carry out.

High Pressure Washing

Nowadays with so many different finishes that can be used to decorate the outside of a building, (to name a few there are, stone, brick, brickwork, painted, block paving and masonry,) extra care should be taken to ensure that the cleanliness of the outside is as important as the inside! Of course there are more ways than one to achieve this but the most effective is High Pressure Washing! That is why it is so widely used.

A pressure washer is a mechanical spraying device that works as a low volume high pressure water cleaner or a high volume low pressure water cleaner (dependant on nozzle size and requirements of course). The purpose of this is to remove any lose dust, paint, dirt, grime etc from the surfaces of buildings. Machines are available that use from 750 to over 5000 psi. The pressure is provided by a cylinder engine powered pump. Pressure washing can be used for a wide range of surfaces; these include but are not limited to patios and pathways, skylight windows and glass roofs (i.e. glass roofs like on a conservatory or atrium), and building facades such as cladding or stone masonry.

Pressure washers are industrial dangerous machinery and should be operated by professionals who are trained to use them. Not only can they be dangerous because of the pressure volume they produce they can also be capable of reaching very high temperatures. So if as an individual you decide to use one, make sure you have read and understood the operations guide and adhered to all safety advice within.

Professional companies that offer this service will follow Health and Safety Guidelines and it is advisable to employ the company rather than undertaking the work yourself! You will really notice the difference in clean quality when high pressure washing is delivered by professionals.

If you would like a quote for high pressure washing for the exterior of your building, please contact us: Tel: 0800 3898 690 Email:enquiries@allcleanservices.co.uk Twitter: @window_cleaner1 Facebook: Commercial Window Cleaning

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