High Pressure Washing

Nowadays with so many different finishes that can be used to decorate the outside of a building, (to name a few there are, stone, brick, brickwork, painted, block paving and masonry,) extra care should be taken to ensure that the cleanliness of the outside is as important as the inside! Of course there are more ways than one to achieve this but the most effective is High Pressure Washing! That is why it is so widely used.

A pressure washer is a mechanical spraying device that works as a low volume high pressure water cleaner or a high volume low pressure water cleaner (dependant on nozzle size and requirements of course). The purpose of this is to remove any lose dust, paint, dirt, grime etc from the surfaces of buildings. Machines are available that use from 750 to over 5000 psi. The pressure is provided by a cylinder engine powered pump. Pressure washing can be used for a wide range of surfaces; these include but are not limited to patios and pathways, skylight windows and glass roofs (i.e. glass roofs like on a conservatory or atrium), and building facades such as cladding or stone masonry.

Pressure washers are industrial dangerous machinery and should be operated by professionals who are trained to use them. Not only can they be dangerous because of the pressure volume they produce they can also be capable of reaching very high temperatures. So if as an individual you decide to use one, make sure you have read and understood the operations guide and adhered to all safety advice within.

Professional companies that offer this service will follow Health and Safety Guidelines and it is advisable to employ the company rather than undertaking the work yourself! You will really notice the difference in clean quality when high pressure washing is delivered by professionals.

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