Christmas Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a chore to people at the best of times and if you are one of the people who doesn’t like it then Christmas window cleaning is even worse.

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The reason that the windows are harder work to clean at this time of year is because there are a lot more extremes. In the home we tend to have more visitors, often they bring children with them who inevitably touch the windows with their sticky fingers. They sometimes bring toys which can hit the windows and particularly destructive children sometimes even crayon on the windows. At the office generally there are more people milling about creating more dust to the windows and you might even have put decorations on your windows. So you are not imagining that it is harder work at all.

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Most of us love Christmas, but there is always someone who goes completely over the top and puts tinsel around absolutely everything. There are lights everywhere and the biggest Christmas tree that is totally in the way. All surfaces have some sort of Christmas toy, candle or snow globe on and the windows are made to look like it’s snowing with snowflakes all over them. While this looks wonderful and might even help you to get in the Christmas spirit, it doesn’t help with the Christmas window cleaning.

To remove the snow spray is not particularly difficult it is just hard work and sometimes may even have to be done more than once as you might find you step back from the window that there are still some areas that you can see the pattern of the snowflake. Using more aggressive cleaning agents may work slightly quicker but not always. The best thing to do is stick to your normal cleaning agent, clean the windows once and then wash them in warm soapy water. If need be then clean them again clean them again with your normal cleaning agent.

You will probably not have time to do the Christmas window cleaning at work so it is advisable that you employ a professional window cleaner. That way you will be doing what you should be doing.

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