World’s Best

Do you remember when you were young, you were going to be the world’s best football player or you were going to be the world’s best singer. Whatever you were doing you were the world’s best! We would never have said “when I grow up I want to be second best” would we? How ridiculous.

When you had your first day at school you were nervous and maybe even a little bit shy. But by the end of the day somehow you had worked out what it was all about and were transformed into a confident young person.

In some businesses you can be a little wary and a lot of the time trial and error will suffice. It’s most definitely not like that for professional window cleaners. When you wash a window it is either clean or not and let’s face it no one will pay you to come back and try again in a few weeks’ time if it’s not! There is no second chance, the window has to be clean and it has to be without smears. Likewise there is not really much leeway with the mastering cleaning at height! It’s not like riding a bike, you cannot get up every time you fall and try again! A window cleaner will have more than adequate training so that they are as confident as possible the first time they make a descent whilst cleaning windows.

There are many types of business that a person can improve on whilst on the job but when it comes to working in a cradle or abseiling down a building from 50 floors or more, there is a certain amount of training and competence that is required.

All Clean Services give their staff thorough and extremely stringent training. Not only do they need to be able to clean windows exceptionally well and also master the descent using one of the access methods for cleaning windows. All Clean Services would not say they are the world’s best, but we would say we are close to it.

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