Windows are a huge part of the overall appearance of a building. From stained glass which is usually found in churches to double glazing for homes and toughened glass for modern buildings. The common denominator here is glass.

The windows of a building add character but more than that they serve the purposes of letting in light and air. Cosmetically pleasing is really an added bonus as their first function is to be usable to some degree. If the windows of a building are not cared for and do not receive the attention they require then the whole building can at best look unkempt and at worst like it is falling into a state of dis repair! Windows will only continue to enhance the appearance of a building and function as required if they are cleaned and kept free of dust and any other particle which could restrict their usage.

Professional window cleaning companies have the specific equipment and their employees are suitably trained to access and clean the windows in the correct manner. The companies will also have the right insurance for working at height. It would in fact be extremely risky to ask your office cleaners or your regular office staff to clean the windows. They run the risk of serious if not fatal injury if they were to lean too far and fall! By contracting a professional window cleaning company you are eliminating the risk.

In addition to using the correct approved access methods, professional window cleaners will be trained in the best techniques for cleaning the windows leaving them looking at their best for longer.

As a reputable professional window cleaning company All Clean Services have one aim and that is to leave the windows looking great and the customer happy and satisfied with the service. For more information on all our window cleaning services contact us Telephone: 0800 3898 690 Twitter: @Window_cleaner1

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