Professional Window Cleaning Methods

Different types of buildings require different access to for window cleaning and facade cleaning.

Abseiling teams will have been trained and should be IRATA trained. Abseiling involves the controlled descent of a building whilst cleaning the windows. A reputable company will always have qualified supervisors with the abseiling team.

A Cherry Picker can be used to reach up to about 100 metres; the window cleaning technician using the Cherry Picker will have been fully trained in the safety aspect of working at such a height. If the window cleaning company is large enough they may have a scissor lift that is similar to the Cherry Picker but involves a vertical lift. Cherry Pickers are also used for mining, exterior painting works and construction.

Occasionally a company will use the fall arrest safety harness window cleaning eye bolts. This is used when a window cleaner has access to the exterior of the window but there is the possibility of serious or fatal accident. Normally this would be caused by a slip or fall. Therefore the window cleaner would be harnessed to the latch and eye bolt by a safety harness, thus preventing accidents.

Water fed poles are used from ground level and would ideally have access to a purified water supply. Using a water fed pole, the window cleaner should be able to clean windows up to approximately 25 metres. The latest technology is a carbon fibre telescopic pole. This means the pole is lighter for the technician to use. Long established company All Clean Services has a purification plant that purifies twelve thousand litres of water per day. This supplies their fleet of twelve vans with purified water. All Clean Services was also the first company to introduce the use of water fed pole window cleaning to London way back 1997.

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