What to know about window cleaning for high-rise buildings

London’s skyline has changed beyond recognition in the last twenty years. The central London area, especially when viewed from the vantage point of a train window, boasts a high number of cranes, signifying a busy construction schedule and the promise of even more tall, glass buildings.  

With the number of high-rise buildings in the capital seemingly increasing all the time, professional window cleaning companies need to be equipped to work on an array of challenging projects. Some window cleaners need to be able to work at great height, cleaning and enhancing the glassed areas of a building’s exterior while guaranteeing their own personal safety and working efficiently at speed.

Glass-fronted high-rise buildings require regular cleaning, and for Facilities Managers, arranging for a window cleaning company to routinely clean the building’s exterior can be quite a task. So we’ve put together an article which we hope people in these roles will find useful, outlining what they need to know about window cleaning for high-rise buildings before engaging a window cleaning company to carry out the job. This goes without saying, but the window cleaner needs to be trained in high-rise cleaning, and needs to know how to use all the equipment. Whether using rope access techniques (abseiling) or cradles, window cleaners have to be adept at working with different equipment while high off the ground. Rope access techniques are used if certain windows or areas are difficult to access. Water-fed poles can be used to clean windows up to a certain height, as this can be quicker and more efficient than using other access methods. Cherry pickers, hydraulic platforms, and scissor lifts can also be used depending on the nature of the job, while cradles are typically used on larger, tall structures as they allow cleaners to navigate the building with ease.

Window cleaning at height is not the easiest job, especially as environmental conditions can also be challenging, so operatives need to be armed with all the right equipment in order to carry out the work properly. A commercial window cleaner doesn’t always work with glass alone. At All Clean, our cladding cleaning division will ensure the exterior of your building looks superb. Our IRATA qualified abseilers are able to access any area at any height using one of a combination of cleaning methods. Are you looking for a new commercial window cleaning contractor? Get in touch with All Clean today.

abseiling cleaners for high rise buildings
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