What is Living in your Office Carpet?

We all look down at the carpet and from time to time think it looks a bit dirty, that it’s stained, dirt has become ingrained and that it’s generally not looking its best. But have you ever thought what is hiding in the carpet which you can’t see? Research by Philip Tiern, Jr PhD, New York University – Langone Medical Centre; microbiologist; immunologist and author of The Secret Life of Germs, shows that your carpet is a lot dirtier than you think. In fact, it probably has about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s about 4,000 times worse than a toilet!

Germs can include – Norovirus – which can causes symptoms similar to food poisoning or stomach flu. It can survive within carpet fibres for up to six weeks and it worst of all it can become airborne as staff walk across the carpet and release it into the air. Fungi and mould — several fungi and moulds can invade your office, which can cause serious allergies. Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Alternaria, Geotrichum and Cladosporium are amongst the threats and these fungi and moulds can affect the health of staff. Which lead to staff absence due to illness, which will affect the smooth running of the business. In extreme cases, staff wellbeing may be affected to the extent that they are signed off long term sick or may need to leave the company.

To avoid this situation developing in the first place. Regular deep cleaning of the carpets is essential. The All Clean Services team will clean the carpets whilst the offices are unmanned at the weekends (if needed) thus avoiding disruption. Our teams are professionally trained to use the commercial equipment, how to deal with specific stains and how to work with all types of carpet so that the carpets are left in an almost new condition once their work is complete. The carpets are left touch dry, so if the area needs to be back in action within a short timescale staff aren’t squelching through wet carpet. Germs, bugs, dirt and stains will be removed leaving the carpets looking and smelling like new, the office will smell fresh and clean, which is immediately noticed by staff and visitors alike. An added bonus our clients often mention is that staff are encouraged by the freshly cleaned carpet to maintain a tidier area around their own desk. Our team will advise on maintaining the appearance of the carpet and can schedule a regular cleaning visit to keep the carpets in tip top condition.

If you would like advice on how best to clean your office carpets, or a no obligation quote, please fill in the Request a Quote form on the right and we will be in touch. For your peace of mind all work carried out by All Clean Services is backed up by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are unhappy with our work.To find out more about our commercial window cleaning services, get in touch today.

green and grey carpet in office building
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