Renovating a Prestigious Office Building Reception Floor In Just One Day

We were approached by the Building Manager at a stunning office building in Portman Square, London as the marble & granite floor in the entrance hall had become rather tired, dirty and worn. Regular cleaning by their onsite maintenance team just wasn’t returning the floor to its original stunning state.

We visited Portman Square and advised on the best option to renovate the marble & granite floor. We provided a free no obligation quote and we advised on the different finishes available for the floor and discussed the best option in such a high traffic area. A date was agreed for the work to be carried out, which the client had requested was to take place on a Sunday as this would be the day to cause least disruption.

Our team of 6 professionally trained, qualified and insured floor renovators arrived bright and early at 06.00. The area had already been cleared of furniture, so our team were able to start work immediately.

The first step was to vacuum the floor to ensure that there was no dust left as this could actually cause further damage during the initial cleaning phase. The team then started work on renovating the floor, firstly they fitted diamond grit discs to the cleaning machines – these discs remove the very top layer of the scratched surface, including any old residual polish or wax. The team then introduced a specialist cleaning compound waterless paste, to further help renovate the surface of the floor. This compound combined with the rotating action of the discs removes any final dirt, residue and scratches.

After this first layer has been removed, finer gritted discs were fitted to the machines to produce a smoother layer to the stone. Finally, polishing discs were used to provide a completely smooth finish to the floor. The floor was then vacuumed one final time before the final stage of polishing was carried out and the floor is polished to achieve the level of shine specified by our client. If you’d like advice on renovating a stone floor at your premises or you would like a quotation, please fill in the ‘request a FREE quote form‘. You can rest assured that all our work is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with any aspect of our service.

Portman Square Floor
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