London Olympic Hopeful: Chris Adcock

All Clean Services are proud of London athletes such as 22 year old Chris Adcock who gave up a promising football career to pursue his dream of becoming the first British badminton player to win Olympic gold. Progress towards 2012 The preparations started a long time ago and Chris identified a number of key targets, including the World Championships this August. Chris came out of that with a silver medal with his mixed doubles partner, Imogen Bankier and has followed that up with some good performances in tournaments since then. The London Olympics are a dream come true, it will be such an exciting time living in the village and being around all the athletes. I went on the Olympic Ambition Programme in Beijing, which was an amazing experience as I got to live like an Olympic athlete and get used to those kinds of surroundings. It’s important to remain focused on what we’re there for, rather than just getting lost in it all, and enjoying the moment. No one from Britain has ever won an Olympic gold in badminton and it would be amazing to be the first one to do it at home
Yonex IFB 2013 - Quarterfinal - Tontowi Ahmad - Liliyana Natsir vs Chris Adcock - Gabrielle White 23
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