High pressure washing in winter

It is important to keep the outside of your building looking its best all year round but there is far greater need to use high pressure washing in winter. With the weather being as unpredictable as ever there is a lot more debris being deployed all over the surrounding area of your building.

During the winter months we can assume that there is a constant level of dampness which in itself can cause health problems and actually cause damage to your building including outside areas.

A lot of window cleaners and maintenance professionals will tell you about the problems they have with mould during the winter. Mould is a form of fungi and there are literally thousands of species. All moulds derive their energy from the organic matter where they are living. That means extra leaves that have blown onto your property, food particles which may have been dropped; mould will start forming from any organic thing.

Mould in or on your building can be extremely damaging. We know that mould is very bad for your health and it is also bad for your buildings health. In the winter months where the level of dampness is higher, all manner of debris is transported around far easier on the soles of shoes and vehicle tyres. When the debris is deposited onto a surface and the mould is afforded the time to start growing, this is where the problems can start. Initially it can grow very quickly and appear unsightly to the eye. This is what people frequenting your building will see. More seriously if the mould is not cleared properly and regularly it can actually discolour the surfaces surrounding your building. While the surface may be primarily concrete should the mould discolour too much of it, there may well be an added cost of replacing or resurfacing.

High pressure washing in winter will keep the mould from settling and growing and therefore keep the mould from discolouring pathways etc. The high pressure will loosen and remove particles and will help keep the outside of your building in pristine condition. The intensity of the high pressure washing will also reduce the risk of slipping to pedestrians as the area will be clean and free from debris.

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