February 2012

Why would the date of February 2012 be of interest you might ask yourself? What has it got to do with me? Well the month of February, 2012 means it is now less than half a year, or to make it seem even closer a little over five months until the U.K. plays host to the biggest sporting event in the world!

Literally the eyes of the world will be focusing on London and the U.K.  There will cameras recording everything from the touchdown of the planes that the athletes and their coaches arrive in to how efficient the transport system is to how clean the apartments are in the athletes’ village. There will be no stone left unturned for the worlds’ media does capture everything.

We are probably all aware that there will undoubtedly be some bad press, unfortunately there always is. However we all have a responsibility to our nation to show the rest of the world that we are prepared, we will put on a great exhibition that we and the rest of the world can be proud of.

So that London is looking its best there will be an increase in activity by many professions. You might see that there will be an increase in the rubbish collections, an increase in the visibility of traffic wardens, and increase in the visible presence of the police. Many shop fronts are likely to be painted. Many café’s with outside seating areas may well invest in new table cloths at the very least. February 2012 marks the final stage in time for preparations and signals that we are in the home closing stage of preparations.

The facilities industry in London will be one of many industries putting their best foot forward. Everything in London will be cleaned, sparkling and ready for inspection when the time comes. As commercial window cleaners we will guarantee that the windows we clean will be cleaned to the highest standards and just in case the cameras capture one of our professional technicians our staff will be highly groomed too!

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