Eyebolts and Anchors for Safe Window Cleaning


Class 1 anchors, which are commonly known as eyebolts or sometimes called window cleaners eyebolts are anchors that are secured into a buildings structure. They can be secured either horizontally, vertically or even on an inclined surface.

The anchor and eyebolt come in two parts. One is secured to the building and the other is removable thus making safety inspections easier. When they are used in pairs, rope access is then available. Many of us will have seen the loop attached to the wall near the window in our office, maybe even used it as a place to hang a coat or bag!

Eye bolts are designed for the purpose of providing the individual protection from falls for window cleaners and maintenance workers. They are positioned in such a place so that the worker can attach their lanyard and harness before putting themselves at risk of danger.

The use of eye bolts increased obviously as buildings started getting taller but they originated in 1818 in Connecticut USA. Since then they have revolutionised the safety of high rise cleaning and maintenance.

Testing should be provided after installation and before use, and should be compliant with legislation. This will form a safe working environment for those working at height.  Initially a risk assessment should be carried out before any works.

It is advantageous to have eye bolt and single point anchor work installed together as this then ensures all tests are current and completed on time. Furthermore it will save time and money.

Any window cleaning company should be able to produce for you a full and valid certificate that should conform to British and International Standards EN 795 and BS7883.

Seeing the eyebolts in your offices still probably didn’t register that as small as it is, it could and does save workers from extremely dangerous and fatal situations. A reputable window cleaning companysuch as All Clean Services make sure that every single piece of equipment is checked and tested according to requirements and that the safety of the workers is paramount. For more information, please contact us: Tel: 0800 3898 690 Email:enquiries@allcleanservices.co.uk Twitter: @window_cleaner1

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