Defending Your Premises Against Birds

This may sound like a rather dramatic title for an article and we’re not talking about wearing a coat of armour. But defending your premises against birds has become an issue in recent years.

We were recently contacted by A Mercedes Benz Dealership as they were experiencing ‘bird problems’. The dealership is situated within the middle of the town centre so an invasion of birds is not what you’d usually expect.

Since we began installing bird defender spikes 5 years ago, you’d be surprised by the differing reasons companies have contacted All Clean Services to have bird defender spikes installed.

Birds roosting on your premises aren’t a problem in the same way as a mouse or rat infestation would, but can cause problems in other ways. The birds will find a space to land and roost, where they are out of harm’s way from cats and foxes, especially if they are nesting or have fledglings. So, they will find a space where there is a flat ledge, or a hole/gap in the fascia, brickwork or vertical cladding – anywhere where they can tuck themselves away. Which isn’t a problem until they start to make a mess and the main problem is their droppings.

You remember when you were a child, your dad cleaning the car and then stomping around 5 minutes after he’d finished because a bird or seagull had messed on the clean car. He’d tell you every time, “You’ve got to get it off quickly, or it eats into the paintwork”. Well, this isn’t a myth, the uric acid in dried droppings can quickly eat through a coat of wax or paint sealant and will etch into the paintwork. If your business is to display and sell cars, this is quite an issue.

The Mercedes Benz Dealership was constantly finding droppings on their vehicles and they noticed Pigeons were nesting on the roof and realised that they needed to act. They contacted us at All Clean Services, we visited the dealership and carried out a site survey 2 days later. We advised on the best route to resolve the issue and provided a quotation to install the spikes. We agreed to carry out the work on a Sunday evening, whilst the dealership was closed to avoid disruption to staff and clients. We provided all the equipment including a 20m cherry picker to access the area to be treated.

The installation took 7 hours and the dealership have been very happy to report that the number of vehicles being splattered by droppings is now minimal. Please visit our Bird Defender page for more information.

If you are experiencing similar issues with birds nesting on your premises, we’d be happy to visit you and provide a free no obligation quote. We can also offer you complete peace of mind because all our work is backed up by our 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with our service. To contact us please click the request a free quote box on the right.

Defending Your Premises Against Birds
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