Window Cleaning Company

As a professional window cleaning company we are constantly striving to maintain the extremely high levels of customer service we set for ourselves. Any professional company continually searches for new and improved ways of not only making the job itself more efficient but the overall customer experience to be far more professional and pleasant.

Companies that are in the facilities industry do sometimes face extra challenges. All too often there is a delay in the processing of invoices and supporting documents, and as we all know it’s often when you don’t notice the company are there and doing the job is when you know you are getting a good service. This is because they are efficient and as non-disruptive when carrying out their work as is possible.

As a professional window cleaning company we were also extremely conscious of the fact that our cleaning technicians are there to clean the windows not to be walking around with an abundance paperwork trying to get it signed off. As a direct result of this we realised that we needed some technology that would enable our guys out on site to complete everything that was required.

All Clean Services had some software specifically designed for use with a hand held PDA. This enables us to communicate with our cleaners and clients as and when we need to.

Using the hand held PDA our window cleaning teams can now access their job sheets remotely and view their work schedules and because the schedule is paperless it is also environmentally friendly. Our on-site window cleaners can also now access risk assessments and other specific information that might be needed for completion of the job. After completion the job is signed off and emailed directly to the client within seconds, thus improving the service level our clients receive.

For more information on our professional window cleaning services, please contact us, Telephone: 0800 3898 690 Twitter: @window_cleaner1

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