Why you should have your windows cleaned

Most people do have their windows cleaned but do you know why you should have your windows cleaned? The first thing that springs to mind is probably because the windows are dirty. Believe it or not without realising it sub consciously make assumptions about a business by the cleanliness of their property.

Some people might say ‘when it rains the windows get their wash’ but the only similarity between rain water on the windows and having the windows cleaned is that the windows get wet! In fact another main reason why you should have your windows cleaned is for glass maintenance. This will help to avoid degradation as glass will become permeated with all manner of contaminants, one of which might be water from the sprinkler systems. Hard water is probably the most common threat to windows.  In fact, the need for having some basic glass restoration works completed could be avoided if you have employed a regular commercial window cleaning company.

Before you can fully understand the reasons as to why you should have your windows cleaned maybe it is a good idea to understand glass itself? Glass is a porous product which starts of life as a liquid which will continue to harden more and more as time goes on. Knowing that glass is porous you can understand more easily how the transparent appearance will quickly become clogged or obstructed with pollutants in the air. It’s also easier to understand that there will be added pollutants where rain water has run over wood, paint and concrete to mention a few things. Leaving the glass without cleaning for long periods of time may result in permanent damage or disfiguration, resulting in replacing the glass rather than cleaning the glass.

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