Professional Window Cleaning by All Clean Services

If you are thinking about a career change or are looking for work, professional window cleaning is a really exciting job. How many people do you honestly know who love their job and look forward to going to work every single day? I bet you can count them on one hand.

Professional window cleaning is an interesting career. Although from the outside a person might think it’s very easy and possibly at times quite boring, I can assure you it is far from either. Although the end result is that you clean windows, there is so much more to the job than that.

For instance you could be using the water fed poles, (they are a carbon fibre telescopic pole which can clean up to 72ft) for this you will need training on how to handle from the ground and will also learn about the water purification that is used.

Another method to access windows is via cherry pickers, scissor lifts or lorry mounted platforms. As always the end result is cleaning windows but you will need specialised training in using the machinery safely and will be required to work as part of a team. The team might be small but you must learn to trust each other and be able to be trusted to complete your tasks efficiently as your co-workers safety will depend on your actions.

Using a cradle to clean windows requires insurance by the company with no height restrictions. Some of the larger buildings in London have cradle systems in place for professional window cleaning companies to use. Again you will be working as part of a team and will be trained in the safety procedures for operating the cradle.

Probably one of the most technical and exciting methods of professional window cleaning is the abseiling method. You will definitely be required to work as part of a team for this and you will undergo extensive training from IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). IRATA train and assess for industry operatives. This method allows window cleaning technician’s access to areas of the building that they otherwise could maybe not reach.

As you can see there is a lot more to professional window cleaning than you would have first thought. It might be just cleaning windows but what fantastic ways to do it! All Clean Services uses all these methods and ensure that each member of staff is fully trained and competent in their role as a professional window cleaner.

For more information on professional window cleaning by All Clean Services, please contact us: Tel: 0800 3898 690 Twitter: @window_cleaner1

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