Why Jet Washing Public Areas Encourages Visitors and More Importantly Shoppers

Look At Your Communal Areas through your Visitors Eyes!

If you are the Centre Manager at a shopping precinct – how often do you have a look around the external public areas? Do you like what you see? Do you like what you smell! Is the floor clean and free of welded on chewing gum, are there stains on the floor from fizzy drinks spilt long ago? Is there graffiti on the walls?

If you’ve taken a good honest look and for any of the reason above, or lots of others you can probably think of! and you don’t like the look of what you see. Just think, that is what your visitors and potential customer will see – and smell – and it could put them off visiting and more importantly shopping.

At All Clean Services we can help you rectify the situation. Our professionally trained teams can jet wash the floors and walls, which will remove the graffiti, stains and chewing gum and will deodorise and sanitise the entire area. They are also trained in the use of specialist chemicals to remove the graffiti. The whole area will be left clean and fresh and a much more desirable place to visit.

All Clean Services were recently contracted to clean the public areas at the Barbican Shopping Centre in London, we were asked to assess and to advise the best option for cleaning and revitalising the area. Once we provided our quotation, a date was agreed for the work to be carried out and the job was scheduled on our shared computerised job system, so the team on site would have all the details for the job on a hand held PDA.

Our team of 4 arrived on site at 4.30am with 3 rotary floor tools, 2 hot jet washers and all the commercial cleaning solutions they would need to complete the job. The job took 5 hours to complete and residents and visitors all commented how much better the area looked and smelt. All Clean Services have now been contracted to clean the entire area every 6 months to keep the area looking at its best. (click here to watch the video of the team at work). If you’d like advice on external cleaning services, jet washing, commercial window cleaning or internal carpet or atrium cleaning. please fill in the ‘request a FREE quote form‘. You can rest assured that all our work is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with any aspect of our service.

Jet Washing Public Areas
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