Why you should hire Professional Window Cleaners

Have you ever thought about why you should hire professional window cleaners? When was the last time that you asked for the credentials of your window cleaner? Do you know them personally or did they knock on your front door with a bucket and some cleaning products saying that they are the window cleaners in the area? When you took over your offices did you automatically continue with the window cleaners that were there?

When you think about it, hiring or re-hiring window cleaners can be a big decision. If you decide to have the inside of your windows cleaned by your window cleaner, you are giving them access to your office! They will then know what possessions you have and who is normally at work at what time. When you hired your window cleaner did you ask if they had a current CRB check (performed by the Criminal Records Bureau), did you ask for any recommendations, did you ask for their full business credentials?

Once the company is hired you are giving them access to your property and to any equipment that is used within your office (one of the major reasons why you should hire professional window cleaners). When hiring a professional window cleaning company you should always make sure you follow a tendering process which will give you all the information including recommendations about the company. You should ask for evidence of the correct level of insurance for the type of access method that the window cleaning company will need to use.

For safety reasons and for the quality of the clean asking your prospective window cleaners for recommendations should not pose a problem, you will after all trust them with your valuable work possessions and that is another reason why you should hire professional window cleaners.

A reputable company will be more than willing to furnish you with the appropriate paperwork (insurance, recommendations, CRB checks if required etc.) and will also have a clear and precise routine that their staff will adhere to each and every time that they are on your property. All Clean services have a strict uniform policy. In addition all staff carry personal identification and arrive on location in a company vehicle.

For information on professional window cleaning services please contact us.  Email: enquiries@allcleanservices.co.uk  Twitter: @window_cleaner1  Telephone: 0800 3898 690

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