Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

A Variety Of Surfaces

All Clean Services provide commercial floor cleaning services for a variety of flooring, including carpet, stone, granite and marble. We use specialist equipment and machinery to produce results which exceed your expectations every time.

All of our commercial floor cleaning services involve deep cleaning techniques that achieve amazing results. We bring the flooring’s original features back to life, removing all traces of dirt and grime. Our restoration services remove stains and scratches (acquired on stone flooring) by grinding the flooring down, followed by resurfacing, polishing and sealing. This service is great for when you have many different flooring types in your selected building.

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Bespoke Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

We use tailored equipment and cleaning solutions, depending on your exact flooring, to really give you the most personal experience we could possibly offer. For example, particular stonework may require a specific cleaning chemical to clean thoroughly, yet, without damaging the surface of the floor.

Whatever the floor, we guarantee a sublime finish and clean-cut shine to make you and your customers smile. Get in touch and our team will guide you to the service which suits you and your needs. We can bring a flooring back to life, whether it’s part of a communal area, commercial building and residential block. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our commercial carpet cleaning services include: Hot water extraction, dry cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, and bonnet buffing. These techniques are swapped and picked based upon your specific needs, as our variety of methods allow us to quickly vary from Eco-friendly, to fast drying, speedy methods.

Dry cleaning and VLM: This involves using no-moisture or “very low moisture” (VLM cleaning chemicals, resulting in carpet beautifications, and removal of all stains. Reduces time waiting to dry, and gives better results.

Bonnet buffing: This is a machine that uses a rotary brush made from cotton, rayon, or polypropylene, and a rotary shampoo machine with a cleaning pad soaked in a carpet cleaning solution. Placed on carpet, it results in a convenient and nice clean for any carpet. 

Hot water extraction: It is a method used for our commercial floor cleaning services that involves a combination of hot water and cleaning agents being injected into the fibres of the carpet at high pressure, then going over and lifting the dirt up with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

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Reliable Window Cleaning

All Clean Services provide the most thoroughly reliable window cleaning service available featuring a scheduling system, integrated with Hand PDA’s to keep our window cleaning teams constantly informed in “real time” as schedules are streamlined and internal personnel are well co-ordinated.

Carbon-neutral Window Cleaning

All Clean Services are constantly looking to improve health and safety standard and one way to measure our standards is through recognised Accreditations such as CHAS, Safe Contractor and ContractorPlus, OHSAS 18001. The company has also won highly regarded safety awards with RoSPA.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All Clean Services aim to stand apart from their competitors thanks to our special “Yes We Can!” service spirit. We love what we do and as proof of that, we promise to deliver a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every window clean that we carry out.

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