A Cleanliness Rating of 5 gives your visitors peace of mind

We’ve all been to cafes and restaurants and noticed the green certificate on display in the window or door which shows the establishments’ cleanliness rating. This will be between 0 and 5. The certificate is awarded by the Food Standards Agency. The premises will be visited on a regular basis by the council, who will check business procedures are in place to protect you as a consumer.

Procedures which take place daily are rotation of food, ensuring use by dates are adhered to, and the cleaning processes which take place. This involves:

  • Cleaning working tops at the end of every shift
  • Sweeping and cleaning floors daily
  • Deep cleaning all walls, floors and ceilings, this can be achieved by the use of appropriate chemicals or steam cleaning. Any equipment which isn’t fixed into place must be moved to clean around, behind and underneath.
  • Extractor hoods need to be stripped back and grease removed, fryers must emptied and scrubbed clean, while fridges must have all the shelving removed and cleaned.

If you own or run a small independent business, you are probably reading this and thinking: when am I going to get the time to do this amount of cleaning when I have a business to run? Or you may have discussed this with your chef, who has said they don’t have the time to carry out deep cleaning. If you manage a youth centre or church hall, there’s no one responsible for this ‘chore’.

This is where All Clean Services can help you. We employ a professionally-trained team who will come to your premises and clean your kitchen areas until they are as shiny and clean as a new pin. Our team will clean floors, walls and ceilings with commercial cleaning equipment, which will remove embedded dirt, baked on fat, cooking deposits, bacteria, and dust and food crumbs from hard to reach areas. This will reduce the risk of mice, rats and cockroach infestation. Deep cleaning also reduces the likelihood of food contamination and customer illness.

By deep cleaning the entire kitchen area regularly, including the walls and floors, the indoor environment will be much fresher and healthier, in addition to looking better If you’d like advice on how All Clean Services can help you deep clean your catering premises, or for a no obligation quote, please get in touch today.

deep clean your catering premises
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