A Clean Fresh Smelling Office makes more happy staff

Following on from our previous article on cleaning carpets and the health benefits. We thought we’d talk about how a clean and fresh office environment can boost staff morale.

When you sit at your desk and look out of the window over a mid-morning cup of tea, can you see a view? We don’t mean hills and mountains, but can you actually see out of your windows or are they covered in dust, which has been splattered by rain, but which hasn’t been washed away? Are there finger marks where staff members have leant against them? Are the corners covered in cobwebs, that any Halloween organiser would have been proud of?

When you look around the office, are the carpets in the corners a darker shade or even a permanent shade of ‘dust’ grey?

When you arrive at the office in the morning, does the sun stream in through the glass atrium roof or is it covered in moss and green algae? Which looks 3D it’s becoming so thick?

If you’ve noticed all of this dirt, dust and algae, your colleagues will have too. Does this make them proud to work at the company, do they feel inspired? Would they want to invite clients to the office? Probably not! But all of these problems can be resolved.

  • External Window Cleaning – right up to the 20th floor, via an external cradle or cherry picker
  • Atrium Glass Cleaning – internally and externally also via a cherry picker
  • Double Height Atrium Cleaning – can all be reached by a cherry picker
  • Carpets – can be steam cleaned to make the offices instantly smell fresher and look more presentable. Which will in turn inspire the staff to perform better and make them feel proud to invite clients to your offices
  • Stone Floor Cleaning and Renovating – This can be carried out to ensure the entrance and reception area of your premises provides your visitors with the right first impression. Additionally, will make the stone or tiles last so much longer.

At All Clean Services, we can offer you all these services at a time convenient to you and to fit in with your office hours. If you would like further information or a no-obligation quote, please click on the Free Quote box on the right and we will arrange an onsite survey. In addition, all our services are offered with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the service provided.

Clean Fresh Smelling Office
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