A building’s façade is its focal point; its most arresting feature. For any business, the building forms part of its brand image. It’s the face you put out to the world. And that face must be clean. 

Transforming facades: our guide to cleaning cladding

A clean, grime-free, sparkling façade gives the impression that you are ready for business, that you’re professional to the core. If you care about aesthetics, why would you not care about building a high-quality product or offering the best service to your clients?  

A façade is a building’s most visually-imposing aspect. Usually, but not always, it is the front of a building. However, some buildings have multiple facades, or the back of the building can be considered the façade. It depends how the building has been designed and what its function is. For a typical London Georgian townhouse, the façade is the front of the property, the side which peers down over the street below. For a large, architecturally impressive public building such as an art gallery, the building might have multiple facades, designed in such a way as to be visually-stimulating when viewed from all angles.  

Naturally, a building’s façade must remain looking at its best. This brings us to cleaning cladding, and why it is necessary to ensure it stays looking at its best.  

Keeping the cladding on your building clean will improve its appearance and even lengthen its life. It may need more than a clean – it may need repainting, repairing, or replacing altogether. But keeping your cladding clean is always a good start – and this is where we come in.  

We clean both commercial and industrial buildings, and we offer a specialist cladding and façade cleaning service. It doesn’t matter what materials are used in the construction of the building, we will be able to clean it.

So how do we clean your cladding? 

  • Abseil cleaning

    On tall buildings, abseils can be used to allow access to all parts of the building by cleaning operatives. Our IRATA qualified abseilers will be able to carry out the work efficiently and speedily, ensuring minimum disruption to your business.


  • Cherry pickers

    Cherry pickers are mounted platforms which give operatives the ease of cleaning cladding while standing safely on a platform. Our team will be able to reach heights of over 300ft.  


  • Waterfed poles

    The reach and wash system is popular, and our team of professional cladding cleaners will ensure a professional job. Our waterfed poles can reach heights of 89ft, while the use of purified water helps to leave the windows stain-free and spotless.

We can work at all height and access levels, guaranteeing the best professional results. If you’re looking for commercial window cleaning, get in touch now